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My Journey

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Welcome and blessings to you. I'm Jessica; Mother to two Hypno-birthing born boys, wife, Certified DONA Birth Doula, Reiki, Pranic therapy offerings, and Kundalini teacher. 


Life in Progress organically presented itself as I transitioned into Mother to Levi and River. My passion behind LIFE IN PROGRESS comes from sharing my story from darkness to light and consciously embracing life. 


Before my first childbirth, I had a gratifying and fulfilling life, including a vast and loving social circle, thriving career, beautiful conflict-free marriage, dreams, and goals. I thought motherhood was going to be the icing on my cake. However, immediately after childbirth, things changed; I was not comfortable with my newborn child; I cared for him, but could not figure out how to connect like all of the other starry-eyed moms. I wanted to hide from other moms and my child because I was overwhelmed, confused, angry and not connecting. My husband was confused by my new behavior and tried to understand. My personality changed; I became distant from everyone, I started spacing out and began having trouble doing things that used to be easy for me. These symptoms triggered me to do whatever possible to get back to my old happy self.


I became pregnant again two years after the birth of my first child. I’m glad to say, without postpartum depression this time! I finally had the chance to be the starry-eyed-mother I had always hoped to be; connecting, nurturing, and wholeheartedly caring for my son.   


Raising my children has been a spiritual journey and lead me to my practice. 


I have been around intuitive's and holistic medicine my whole life.

I first received the message that I was to become a healer, when a family empath suggested I work with him in Mexico, at the age of ten. There was resistance at following this path, with fears of what it meant. It isn’t always easy to see, hear, and feel so much, but I have always felt guided, and never truly alone. The passing of my Mama, in 2010, and the birth of my first child brought me to follow the path, in love and light. 

I strive to both educate and heal my patients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives.


With this, I bring you LIFE IN PROGRESS


Thank you to my guides and teachers. God // Archangel Micheal // Levi my first born //  Paola I'm  // Lara Elliot from Maha Rose // Ana Paula Markel from Bini Birth // Master Co from Pranic Healing  //  Senior Avila  //  Paula Mallis  // Priya from Seventh Chakra // Guru Singh


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